Installing and Running HH Data Management

Installing the Software

After downloading and extracting the HH Data Management installer, it will appear as something similar to below.

To install the software, run this executable. The installer will ensure that you have all prerequisites correctly installed. Upon successful completion of the installation process you will be notified.

.NET 4.7.1 Framework Installation

In 2018, HH Development updated its software to use a later Microsoft .NET framework. Users with older versions of Windows may get a warning during installation saying that a later version of the .NET framework is required to finish the installation. Operating systems that this likely applies to are:

  • Windows 8 or below
  • Early versions of Windows 10 that have not been updated since new

To remedy this, the required .NET framework offline installer can be downloaded here. Download and run this installer package, a restart will be required before you can install HH Data Management. 


On some older machines this installation can take around 20 minutes.


A specific plugin for each account needs to be located on each user machine. Please contact your account administrator if you do not have access to a plugin.


The plugin (.zip file) needs to be located under:  Documents\HH Development\HH Data Management\Plugins

Starting HH Data Management for the First Time

License Key

Once HH Data Management has been installed and the plugin correctly located, you can launch it using the shortcut on the desktop, or from the start menu. As this is the first time launching the software, the license dialog will open. 

If you do not have a valid license key, you cannot use the software. To validate the license and start the software the first time, a connection to internet is required. If you have a license key, you can enter the code and press OK to continue, as shown below.


You can copy and paste the license key directly into the text box. Left clicking the license key from the HH Development website copies it to the clipboard.

Database Settings

Once the license is validate, the second step is to enter your Username and password. Your username and password should have been sent to you by email. If you don't have a username and password or have lost them, please contact us at

Once your Username and password has been entered, you can click OK to start the software. 

On the bottom task bar, the software will show a green light if it connected to the server and your username. It will also show some pending Push/Pull operations. This is indicating the user that the software is downloading the database structure. 


The user should wait for the number of operations to reach zero before starting working with the software. The operation should take a few minutes.

After downloading the database structure you will have the subscribe to events and cars in order to start using the software.

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