Tyre Pressure

The Tyre Set tab includes a tyre pressure management algorithm.

In order to use the tool, the first thing to do is to add reference runs, which are later used to calculate the initial cold pressure. The user is able to add reference runs in two different ways, from the tyre sets tab and from the run sheets. The button “Add reference run” on the ribbon bar on top of the tyre sets windows will create an empty run, all the values will be manually entered by the user.

The second option is to add a reference run from the Run Sheets. On the runs tab, select the desired run and click on “Add as reference pressure” on the ribbon bar at the top.

The information coming from the run will be copied to the tyre sets as shown below. If there is no previous tyre pressure adjustments, the default value for tyre temperature is set to 20 deg C.

Next Step is to open the calculation window by clicking on “Calculate Tyre Pressures” in the ribbon bar.

A new window will pop up with the reference runs displayed on top. The bottom panel contains calculation inputs (hot pressures; air, track and tyre temperature) and results (cold pressures). Clicking on any reference run will update the calculation using those values.  The reference run used for calculation is grayed out (as shown in the following image).

The user may send the information to any tyre set by clicking on “Update Sets” at the bottom and selecting the desired sets.

Finally, if any of the conditions change before running the tyre, it is possible to do a pressure adjustment by selecting “Calculate Pressure Adjustment” on the ribbon bar. The user is able to change any of the parameters and the results will show the delta to the current cold pressure.

It is possible to add also the adjustment to the tyre set, keeping the history of the pressure management on the set.

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