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The event subscription worksheet can be found under the championship ribbon bar:


The data from an event subscription worksheet is filtered by Championship .

The subscription worksheet allows user to subscribe and unsubscribe to events and events/cars . When subscribed to an event or event/car the data from this event or event/car is downloaded locally and a user can start to view or edit the data based on their permissions.

The different cars registered under one event can be seen by selecting the event:

There are 5 possible status for each event and events/cars:

  • Not subscribed
  • Sent to the server: a request was sent to the server to pull the data locally and have the data available locally
  • Accepted by Server: the server accepted the request to pull the data
  • Subscribed: the data is available locally
  • Unsubscribe Requested: acknowledge the action of unsubscribing


To subscribe to an event, click on the Subscribe button of the event:

To subscribe to an event/car, click on the  Subscribe button of the car associated with the event:


When subscribing to one or multiple items, it is important to wait for every pull operation to return to 0 before resuming work on the rest of the software. This will ensure that the data has been safely downloaded from the software and introduced on the local database: 

Still processing pull operations:

Pull operations at 0:


Subscribing to an event/car will subscribe automatically to the event. However, subscribing to an event doesn't automatically subscribe to all event/cars linked to the event.


By unsubscribing from an event or event/car, a user will remove all data associated with the item from his local database.

To unsubscribe to an event the user has to click on the Unsubscribe button of the event:

To unsubscribe to an event/car the user has to click on the Unsubscribe button of the car associated with the event:


How to subscribe to All Events?

To save time, it is possible to subscribe to every events and events/cars from the selected championship at once by clicking on the Subscribe to All Events button:

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