Event Management

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This section of the software is only accessible with Admin rights


The event management worksheet can be found under the championship ribbon bar:


The data from an event management worksheet is filtered by Championship.

The event management worksheet allows users with the Manager rights to create events for the selected championship.

To create an event, the user needs to click on the Add Event button:

A Create New Event window will pop-up. The users will have to enter the Event Name, select a track and both start and end dates:

Once created the event will be positioned in the list of events from the championship:


In the case that events are not created in order of their start date, the software will re-organise the list by Start Date after a restart.

The next steps to complete the creation of an event is to add:


The track is added during the event creation. However, the track for an event can be updated by using the Edit Track for Event button:

Once selected, a window will pop-up to ask to select the new track for the event:


Changing the track for an event after laps have already been created will cause your sector times to get lost.


To add a car to an event, make sure to select the event in the list first and then select the checkbox next to the car in the car list:

Once selected, a car will show on top of the list and the setup definition associated to it displayed on the same line:


To add a driver to a car, make sure to select the event in the list first, then select the car and then select the checkbox next to the desired driver in the driver list:

Once selected, a driver will show on top of the list:

Tyre Specifications

The tyre specifications selection allows filtering the specification available through the engineering part of the software for a specific event. This allows for a better experience for each event and to avoid mistake.

For example, if for one event, only the Soft and Medium tyre specifications, you can select them for this event:

Tips & Tricks

If no tyre specifications are selected for an event, every specification will be available for that event.


Sessions can be added to an event by clicking on the Add Session button:

Once created, the session name, start time, end time and session type can be edited directly from the session list:

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