Dimension Units Available
    Acceleration ["g"] ["m/s\u00B2"] ["ft/s\u00B2"] ["mm/s\u00B2"]
    Angle ["deg"] ["rad"] ["g"] ["min"]
    Density ["kg/l"] ["ppg (U.S.)"] ["kg/m\u00B3"]
    Duration ["sec"] ["min"] ["hr"] ["msec"]
    Electric Current ["A"] ["mA"] ["µA"]
    Electric Potential ["V"] ["kV"] ["mV"] ["µV"]
    Energy ["kJ"] ["MJ"] ["J"] ["Wh"] ["kWh"]
    Force ["N"] ["lbf"] ["daN"] ["kgf"]
    Force Per Length ["N/mm"] ["N/m"] ["lbf/in"] ["daN/m"] ["daN/mm"]
    Length ["mm"] ["cm"] ["m"] ["km"] ["in"] ["ft"] ["mi"]
    Mass ["kg"] ["g"] ["mg"] ["lb"] ["oz"]
    Mass Flow ["kg/s"] ["kg/h"]
    Power ["W"] ["hp(I)"] ["kW"]
    Pressure ["kPa"] ["bar"] ["psi"] ["mbar"] ["hPa"] ["inHg"]
    Ratio ["%"] [""]
    Rotational Speed ["rpm"] ["deg/s"] ["rad/s"]
    Rotational Stiffness ["N\u00B7mm/deg"] ["daN\u00B7mm/deg"] ["N\u00B7mm/rad"] ["lbf\u00B7ft/deg"] ["lbf\u00B7ft/rad"] ["N\u00B7m/deg"] ["daN\u00B7m/deg"]
    Speed ["mph"] ["m/s"] ["km/h"] ["mm/h"] ["in/s"] ["mm/s"]
    Temperature ["\u00B0C"] ["\u00B0F"] ["K"]
    Torque ["N\u00B7m"] ["lbf\u00B7ft"]
    Volume ["l"] ["ml"] ["gal (U.S.)"] ["oz (U.S.)"] ["gal (imp.)"] ["oz (imp.)"] ["m\u00B3"] ["cm\u00B3"] ["in\u00B3"] ["ft\u00B3"]
    Volume Flow ["L/s"] ["L/min"] ["gal (U.S.)/s"] ["gal (U.S.)/min"]
    Volume Per Length ["l/km"] ["l/m"] ["l/mm"]
    Frequency ["Hz"] ["kHz"] ["MHz"]
    Electric Charge ["Ah"] ["kAh"] ["C"]
    Temperature Delta ["\u2206K"] ["\u2206\u00B0C"] ["\u2206\u00B0F"]
    Electric Resistance ["\u03A9"] ["M\u03A9"] ["k\u03A9"] ["m\u03A9"]
    Rotational Acceleration ["rad/s\u00B2"] ["deg/s\u00B2"]
    Moisture ["cB"]

Special characters

Units in HH Data Management are case sensitive. It is better to copy directly the unit from this help file to avoid mistake.

Some units are using special characters:

interpunct " ·" → ALT+0183

superscript 2 " ²" →ALT+0178

o superscript "º" → ALT+167

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