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Use the Event Report to display your run data in a pivot grid format.

Event report configuration

The Event Report display can be accessed from the Event Ribbon Bar. Click on Event Report to open a new event report tab.

A new display will appear in the ribbon bar:

The ribbon bar contains the context selection for the report and additional options:

  • Basic Report Config: Opens a pop-up window that allows the selection of row and column total calculation
  • Refresh Data:  force the recalculation of all the data fields
  • Print: Print the desired control

On top of the view, there is a combo box to select the desired report profile:


To learn how to create an event report profile, please refer to the Event Report Profiles article.

Event report table

The table shows all the data values in the pivot grid format. The field name for columns and rows are displayed. This control allows for some customization since it allows to drag and drop the fields.

Export the table

The event report allows the user to print or export the data table to different formats such as .csv, .xlsx, .pdf. In order to access the export window click on Print Grid.

A new window will appear where you will be able to configure your print or export and select the file format.

Event report graph

These controls show the data in a line graph. Each series corresponds to a data row in the grid

Example - Ambient conditions per run

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