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This section of the software is only accessible with Admin rights

Tracks display configuration

To open the tracks display configuration, click on  Admin and then Tracks:

A new display called Tracks will appear. It contains all the information for track creation.

Add a track

To create a new track:

Click on Add Track. A new row at the end of the table will appear.
Enter a name.
Enter a report name.
Enter a track length (the unit for the distance can be changed in the Global Options)
Enter a time zone.


The time zone is an important parameter since it will be used in the software to display time-based information about the event that occurs at this track.

Add a sector

A track can be split into several sectors. To add a new sector:

Select a track in the table.
Click on Add Sector. A new row will appear below the track information.
Enter a sector  name.

Delete a track or a sector

To delete a track or a sector, select the item you want to delete and click on Delete Track or Delete Sector.


It is highly recommended not to delete or add a sector during an event if you already have laps associated. This could lead to unexpected behaviour in the run sheet (not able to update sector time, loss of data, etc...).


The track information table can be customized to add other parameters to define the track as you wish (macro and micro-roughness, atmospheric pressure, fuel consumption,...). Making your own plugin will allow you to add columns in the table.

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