Tyre Specs

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This section of the software is only accessible with Admin rights

Tyre specs display configuration

To open the tyre specs display configuration, click on Admin and then Tyre Specs:

A new display called Tyre Specifications will appear. It contains all the information for the tyre specification creation.

Create a new tyre specification

To create a new Tyre Spec:

Click on  Add Specification. A new row in the table will appear
Choose a name
Choose a report name
Choose a colour (will be displayed in run sheet and run plan when you select a tyre set)
Choose a position (Front, Rear or both)
Choose a default number of wear holes (will be used in tyre wear report)
Choose a default initial tread depth (will be used in tyre wear report)

Delete a tyre specification

To delete a tyre specification, select the item you want to delete and click on  Delete Specification


The tyre specifications table can be customised to add other parameters (circumference, stiffness, Pacejka model name,...). Making your own plugin will allow you to add custom columns in the table.

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