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Event display configuration

To open the Event details display configuration, click on Event and then Event:

A new display will appear.


Event Details is relative to an event and a car

Event parameters

The following parameters are needed to make the fuel calculation work in the run sheets and the run plans:

  • Avg Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Avg Lap Time

The following are optional: 

  • Fuel Effect (will be used in the degradation calculation)
  • Expected stint length (will be used in the tyre wear analysis)
  • Analyse profile (will be used in KPI analysis)

Tyre pressure calculation parameters


Not used for the moment

Car notes

You can populate the car notes here.

Attached files

Please refer to the attached files section.

Custom content

Using the plugin functionality, you can add specific content (like the BOP values in this example).

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