Multi-Event Graph

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Use the Multi-event graph to display the evolution of a parameter across different events.

Multi-event graph

The multi-event graph page can be accessed from the Event ribbon bar.

When you open the page you will see the graph on the left and the filter control on the right-hand side of your screen. On the graph, you will see several black lines that correspond to each session in the subscribed championships.

To select the data to plot click on Edit Graph Data on the ribbon bar. The data is analyzed at the run-sheet level. To access setup sheet property start the expression with "Setup".

A pop-up window will show up where you will be able to edit the Y-axis label and the expression for the data you want to display. Math expressions are allowed. For further information on how to create math channels please go to the Functions page.


Multi-event graph for average front camber:

Custom filter

In addition to the regular filter options, you can filter the displayed information using run sheet properties. To add a custom filter click on Add Custom Filter at the bottom of the filter control.


Filter Data by run-sheet air temperature:

In this example, only the information from run-sheets with the air temperature above 20 degrees will be displayed.

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