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Setup display configuration

To open the Setup display configuration, click on Event and then Setup:

A new display will appear.


A setup sheet is relative to an event and a car

Setup design

The setup displayed is dependant of a car and a setup definition. The setup definition design is defined in the column item definition editor.

How to add a setup

You can add a blank setup, copy a previous setup,

  • Add a blank setup 

  • Copy a previous setup

Click on Next will copy this setup beside. 

Click on End will copy this setup and put it after the last setup.

  • Import a setup from a previous event or another car.
Click on Copy Setup 
Choose the Account, Championship, Event and Car. Then click on Next.
Select the setup you want to import and then click Finish
  • Automatically when a run is created.

the option to create one setup per run is available in the Championship configuration.


The fist setup of an event needs to be created manually or copy from a previous event. The name of auto-created setup will be the same name than the previous one with a number incremented at the end of the name.


The functions called when clicking on the buttons Import Setup and Export Setup need to be defined in a plugin. It will allow importing/exporting setup form Excel or XML files.

How to delete a setup

How to move a setup

A setup can be moved to the left or to the right using the arrows.

Frozen option

When the Frozen checkbox is ticked, the scroll bar starts below the last frozen block (defined in the column item definition editor).

When the checkbox is unticked, the scroll bar starts at the first block.


Views need to be defined in the column item definition editor.

This is useful to have some summary views depending on what you want to focus on.

The search filter can be used to find quickly on parameter. The filter is done on the label name.

Setup change visualisation

The changes between one setup to the previous one will be displayed by a red background colour.

The colour and the option to show the changes for each parameter are defined in the column item definition editor.

Copy values to the following setups

In case you did a mistake on several setups, you can change a parameter quickly doing a right-click on the parameter you want to change.

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