Data filtering

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Data Filter object allows the user to select the data to display or export in controls such as the multi-event graph or the event data export.

Filter object

The filter is always located on the right-hand side of the controls that use this feature.

The filter is divided into two main groups, Context and Data.


Information about the data context. It is divided into several subgroups:

  • Championship
  • Event
  • Car
  • Driver
  • Session
  • Track

Each of these groups contains a list of items with checkboxes to select the desired information. After selecting any item Apply Filter at the bottom must be clicked in order to refresh the subsequent groups

To revert the selection on any of the groups, click on Clear Selection at the bottom of the desired block. To reset the complete filter click on Clear Filter at the bottom. In either case, the principle of nothing selected => everything selected, this means that when a group is cleared, the information for all the items in that group is displayed.


Displaying qualifying data for all cars at each event

In this case, all the groups should be cleared except for the Session Name where Q must be selected


Custom filters based on the data. At the moment only RunSheet information is available to create data filters. For example, it could be used to select data where the Air Temperature was above 20 degrees. To add a new filter click on Add Custom Filter at the bottom. An input window will show up where the user must input an equation for the filter condition.

The filters defined by the user are displayed under Data section and can be edited or deleted using the buttons right below them.

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