Tyre Wear

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Tyre wear display configuration

To open the Tyre wear display configuration, click on Event and then Tyre Wear:

A new display will appear.


Tyre wear is relative to an Event and a car

How to add a wear sheet

Select the tyre set you want to measure.

Populate the following values: 

  • Wear sheet name
  • Min tread depth: will display the orange line on the graph
  • Expected stint length (default value in the event details, can be overridden here)
  • Last Run Before Measurement
  • Comments
  • Checkbox if a tyre is damaged or had an issue
  • New and measured tread depth (default new value are defined in the tyre spec but can be overridden)


  • XxWear(%) = (New_Depth - Min(Meas_Depth))/(New_Depth - Min_Depth) (%)
  • Front Balance = (FlWear + FrWear) / (FlWear + FrWear + RlWear + RrWear) (%)
  • Rear Balance =  (RlWear + RrWear) / (FlWear + FrWear + RlWear + RrWear) (%)
  • Left Balance =  (FlWear + RlWear) / (FlWear + FrWear + RlWear + RrWear) (%)
  • Right Balance =  (FrWear + RrWear) / (FlWear + FrWear + RlWear + RrWear) (%)
  • WearPerStint = XxWear / (numberOfLapsCompleted / expectedStintLength)
  • TheoNumberOfStints = 100 / wearPerStint

How to add a picture

  • Click on Add Photo
  • Select the picture you want to add

=> The picture will be added on the server.

If the picture was already added by someone else, you can click on Download to get it locally.

How to delete a wear sheet

Select the wear sheet you want to delete and click on Delete Wear Sheet.

Export all wear sheets

It is possible to export all worksheets in CSV format.

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