Tyre Sets

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Tyre sets display configuration

To open the tyre sets display, click on Event and then Tyre Sets

A new tab will appear:

Add a tyre set

To add a tyre set click on Add Blank Tyre Set. A new row will appear at the bottom of the table.

Some information is required to create the new tyre set:

  • Name: set a name (mandatory)
  • Mounted: click on the checkbox if the tyres are mounted on rims
  • Tyres: select the tyre for each corner (mandatory)
  • Tyre Specs: no action required. The tyre specifications of the selected tyres will appear here.
  • Notes: enter any comments you need regarding the set
  • Set Laps: enter the number of laps for the current set
  • Tyre Laps: no action required. The tyre laps for the selected tyres will appear here.
  • Tyre barcodes: enter the barcode for each tyre
  • Rim #'s: enter the rim number for each corner

Add bulk tyre sets

Several tyre sets can be created at once. To create bulk tyre sets click on Bulk Add Tyre Sets:

A window will pop-up:

The bulk tyre window will help to create the set as well as the tyres associated with the set. Place holders can be used for the automation of naming.

As an example, if we want to create two additional sets of Soft tyres using the same naming convention we need to set the following values:

Click on Generate and it will create the new sets:

Once created using a bulk, tyres are also available in the tyre list in the event tyre worksheet:


The tyre sets table can be customised to add other parameters. Making your own plugin will allow you to add custom columns in the table.

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