Tyre Inventory

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This section of the software is only accessible with Admin rights

Tyre inventory display 

The tyre inventory can be accessed from the Management ribbon bar:

The tyre inventory view lets you view the tyres that exist in the software.

On the Ribbon Bar you can select the Filter Mode for the display.  The options are:

  • Championship
  • Event
  • Car
  • Event/Car
  • Spec
  • Barcode

Based on the filter mode that is selected, the combo boxes above the grid will allow you to select which event or car you wish to view in the grid.  For example, in the following screenshot every tyre that is assigned to the event 2020-01-DAYTONA24 is shown:

Likewise, it is also possible to show every tyre that is assigned to a given car:

To review in which event/car the tyre was previously used, click on the + sign next to the Global name:


For more information on the global tyre name vs event tyre name please refer to the Tyres article. 

Tyre associations

On the left of the table are controls that can be used to edit the tyre associations. 

To associate tyre(s), select the tyre(s) in the table and click on Add Selected Items To.  The association will be made based on association settings in blue in the figure below:

To dissociate tyre(s), select the tyre(s) in the table and click on Remove Selected Items From Current.


The event/car association is the most important association since it is the one used on the Event section. It is important not to remove any tyres from an Event/Car association if it has references in an event.


By clicking on Add Selected Items To, all Hard tyres will be associated with car 11 for the event 2020-03-SEBRING in the 2020 IMSA GTD championship.


Tyre management can differ a lot from championship to championship and from racing to testing. In a championship where tyres need to be carry-over from event to event, the challenge is different than a championship that uses always new tyres for each event.

The tyre inventory is designed to be modular to fit every customer need.

Here are some tips on how to use the tyre inventory for a championship where tyre management is key:

  • Championship mode: keep every tyre used during the championship for all the cars
  • Event mode: the event mode should display every tyre used in the event for all cars. Normally the event mode should be populated automatically from the Event/Car table and no action should be required
  • Car: only available tyre for a specific car should be kept on this list. Scrapped tyres should be removed from this list to keep a clean list of available tyres, making it easier to choose tyres for next events
  • Event/Car: this is the table that needs to be built before an event to add used tyre to an event

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