Brake set inventory

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This section of the software is only accessible with Manager rights

Brake set inventory display 

To access to the brake set inventory, click on Management and then Brake Set Inventory:

The brake set inventory allows you to view the brake set that exists in the database.

On the Ribbon Bar you can select the Filter Mode for the display. The options are the following:

  • Account
  • Event
  • Event/Car

Based on the filter mode selected, the combo boxes above the grid will allow you to select which event or car you wish to view in the grid. For example, in the following screenshot every brake set that is assigned to the event 2020-01-DAYTONA24 for car #11:

Above the brake set table are buttons to add new brake set(s) and delete selected brake set(s).

Add and delete brake set

Add bulk brake sets

To add several brake sets at once, click on Bulk Add Brake Sets:

A window will pop up:

Enter the settings you need by following these instructions:

  • Use {#} to indicate where you want the set number to be placed
  • use {P} to indicate where you want the position to be placed (F, R, FR, FL, RL, RR) 
  • use {T} where you want the type to be placed (the letter P will be used for pads and D for discs)

Add mixed brake set

To add a mixed brake set, click on Add mixed brake set:

A window will pop up where pads and discs can be chosen to create a new custom brake set:

Click OK to create the brake set.

Delete Brake set

To delete one or several brake sets, selected the item(s) in the table and click on Delete Brake Set.

Brake set associations

On the left of the table are controls that can be used to edit the brake set associations.

To associate brake set(s), select the brake set(s) in the table and click on Add Selected Items To. The association will be made based on the settings in blue in the figure below:

To dissociate brake set(s), select the brake set(s) in the table and click on Remove Selected Items From Current.


The event/car association is the most important association since it is the one used on the Event section. It is important not to remove any brake set from an Event/Car association if it has references in an event.

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