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Run plan display

To open the run plan display, click on  Event and then Run Plan:

A new tab will appear with all the run plans of your sessions for the selected event/car:

To open a run plan of a session, click on the + icon on the left-hand side of the session name:

Run plan mode

There are two modes available for the run plan: Run or Lap.

  • Run mode: a number of total laps must be defined for each run and all calculations will be based on the average lap time and fuel consumption defined in the Event details.
  • Lap mode: each lap can be customized thanks to the Lap Markers. The lap marker allows setting a different lap time, fuel consumption, and mileage multiplier for each lap (Out, In, Push, ...etc.). 

The run plan mode can be defined in the Global Options, in the Event details, or the Session details

Add a run plan

To add a run plan, select a session, and click on Add Plan. A new run plan will appear:

Edit the name of the run plan:

A previous run plan can be chosen so that the tyre mileage can be correctly calculated.

Several run plans can be associated with a single session. You can switch from one to another by selecting the run plan in the Combobox:

Add a run in a run plan

After having created a run plan, you need to add runs. To do so, click on Add Run. It will create a new run in the run plan. If runs are already in the run plan, it will add it at the end.

Then enter the following information:

  • #Laps: number of total laps for the run (including in and out lap)
  • Driver: select among the list
  • Tyre Set: select among the list
  • Brake Set: select among the list
  • Description
  • Pit Time: the total time between the end of the previous run (or the start of session) and the start of the current run
  • Full Tank: select the checkbox if the tank if fulfilled

All the other cells will populate automatically based on the information provided.

Alternatively, it is possible to add in the run plan:

  • a time break: this can be useful for a planned break during the session or a red flag for example.
  • a time filler: in that case, the session time is not stopped (example: lunch break,...) and the car is not running.

To add a run between two existing runs, click on Insert Run or Insert Time Filler or Insert Time Break.

To delete a run, select the run and click on Delete Run.

Add laps in a run (Lap mode only)

Print & Export

To print the selected run plans of an event/car, click on Print Run Plan. A window will popup. Select the session(s) to print and click OK.

To export to pdf, click on Export Plan To PDF. A window will popup. Select the session(s) to print and click OK.


It is possible to add custom columns in the run plan to create your own run plan. To do so, click on Admin and then Custom Columns. Then, follow the instructions in the Custom Columns article.

The run plan can also be customized on customer needs with our plugin framework. For more information please visit the articles Why should I use a plugin? and Making our own plugin.

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