Local Options

The local options represents options that are per computer basis and not linked to the full account. Changing those options will only affect the computer on which the changes was made.

How to access to the local

To access to the local options you first need to go to the backstage menu by click on file

And then click on Options:

Local options available

Unit Scheme

The unit scheme is used while entering tyre pressure in the software.

Metric When entering 102 in a tyre pressure input box, the software will automatically interpret it as 1.02 bar
Imperial The value entered in a tyre pressure input box will be interpreted as it is


Make sure to restart the software after changing the unit scheme.


The theme will change the primary color for the UI components and can be changed in the Theme menu:

Two themes are actually available: Colorful and Dark.

Colorful theme

The colorful theme uses blue and light gray as the primary surface colors.

Dark theme

The dark theme uses dark gray, rather than black, as the primary surface color for components. 

Log Math Channel Errors

When selected, all the errors coming from the math channels in the software will be saved in the Log File. This Log File can be sent to us so that we can more easily diagnose issues. 

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