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Welcome to the HH Data Management help file. This resource is designed to help all ranges of users of HH Data Management, from those who are just getting started, to those who just want to enter data in an event, and to those who are customizing every aspect of the software. If you need support with any topics, and cannot find the answer on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us at

  • in this introduction section there is an explanation of the concept of HH Data Management. This article aims to give a high-level view of the software, why it works the way it does and what the goals of the software with regards to customization and data management
  • if you are starting HH Data Management, please check out the getting started section to help with creating your account, installing the software and running it for the first time
  • the configuration entities section is intended for users who are responsible for customizing the functionality and appearance of HH Data Management
  • check out the parts, assemblies & tyres for an explanation of the part management features in HH Data Management including lifing features
  • management entities are used to define the race calendar, items like championships, events and tracks. These items are normally managed by an account admin
  • the event entities section is the most important section, explaining the views for the software that would be used by all users during a race event
  • data can be exported to Excel, JSON or XML format, with users having the ability to define the structure of the import within HH Data Management
  • there are a number of analysis features in HH Data Management, from graphing, to lap KPIs
  • the common controls section explains some controls that are reused throughout the software
  • the workbook & layout section explains how to work with workbooks and layouts to customize the software to each users specific needs, and also explains the options available in the backstage
  • there is account management website available at that can be used to manage users and configure the permissions of the software
  • the DMI is a plugin for HH Timing that allows timing information to be sent to HH Data Management, this can also integrate with telemetry systems to send end of lap metrics as well
  • the extensibility section presents the various options to extend the behaviour of HH Data Management, such as by using the web API to connect external applications or writing a plugin to customize the main HH Data Management client software
  • if you contact support you may be asked to send additional information to help us troubleshoot the issue - this section explains how to do that
  • the reference section provides explanations for various calculations in HH Data Management as well as reference material for topics such as writing math expressions
  • the tutorials section provides some walkthroughs for various topics in HH Data Management. These can form a good companion to the rest of the documentation
  • finally, don't forget to check the What's New section after each release for an overview and explanation of all the new features that have been added to the software