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This section of the software is only accessible with Admin rights

Championships display

The championship creation and management worksheet can be accessed under the Admin Ribbon Bar:

Add a championship

A new championship can be added by clicking on Add Championship:

Once created, the parameters of a championship are:

  • Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Description
  • New Setup For Each Run option


If New Setup For Each Run is selected, then a new setup will be created every time that a new run is created in this championship. This is used by teams wanted to make sure that they have one setup per run in the opposite of having only different setup when changes are made on the car.


The software uses a "smart" convention for the naming of the  auto-generated setup. The last number in the name will be incremented by one. For example, if the selected setup name on the current run is FP1_RUN01, the auto-generated setup for the next run will be FP1_RUN02.

Delete a championship

A championship can be deleted by clicking on Delete Championship:


To be able to delete a championship, you need to make sure that no events are registered under this championship.


The championship table can be customised to add other parameters (number of competitors, previous year classification,...). Making your own plugin will allow you to add custom columns in the table.

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