Lap Graph

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Use the lap graph to plot lap variables vs lap number or session time.

Lap graph

The Lap Graph page can be accessed from the Event Ribbon Bar.

Lap graph options

On the ribbon bar you will find options to customize your graph:

  • Y-Axis: Property to plot in the graph (see next section for information on how to add a plot variable)
  • Plot Runs Separately: Create one series per Run. In case the variable is plotted versus lap, the X-axis is Stint Lap #
  • Plot vs Time of Day: Change the X-axis from Laps to time of day.

Properties to plot

By default the following information can be displayed in the graph:

  • Laptime
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Remaining

Any other property included in the Lap definition will be available to plot.

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