Excel Workbook templates

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Excel workbook templates display configuration

To open the Setup display configuration, click on Admin and then Excel Workbook Templates:

A new display will appear.

Usage of templates

Excel workbook templates are used as part of an Excel profile to export data from HH Data Management to Excel.

The template page allows keeping all Excel workbooks used for exports inside HH Data Management and synced with all of the users.

This section also allows for basic modifying of the template.


An Excel template in HH Data Management is the equivalent of an Excel workbook and consists of multiple worksheets. Worksheets are accessible like in Excel at the bottom of the page:

Create an Excel workbook template

There are 3 different methods to work with a template. Either you can add a blank template, import an Excel workbook directly or duplicate an existing template.

Add Template

To add a blank template, click on Add Template:

A blank template called NewExcelWorkbookTemplate will appear in the list of templates available:

Import Template

A new template can be imported directly using an Excel file. To do so, click on Import Template:

Choose the file from a location on your computer: 

The imported Excel workbook will be shown in the list of templates available:


Currently, only *.xlsx files can be imported into HH Data Management.

There is also a file size limitation set at 2Mb.

Duplicate Template

To duplicate an existing template, click on Duplicate Selected Template:

Modify existing template


For every change made in a template, make sure to click Save:

The template name can be modified by changing the textbox above the template:

Individual cells can be modified like in Excel:

Basic features such as cell formating can be accessed by doing a right-click any cells:

Export template

A template can be exported by to Excel. This can be used in the case that you want to make a substantial change to the template. To do so, select the template you wish to export and click on Export Current Template:

Delete template

A template can be deleted. To do so, click on Delete Selected Template:

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