HTTP Callbacks

The HH Data Management server can POST information to an HTTP endpoint to facilitate integration with external applications. To define such an integration visit the Integrations section on the website:

After clicking "Add New HTTP Callback" some information for the HTTP callback will need to be entered:

  • Name: a name to identify the callback.
  • Description: any further information that should be recorded for the callback.
  • Address: the address of the API endpoint that should be called. Please note that the HH Data Management server does a POST to this address.
  • Auth Key: a key that can be included in the headers of the request. The name of the header is authkey. If this field is left blank the header will not be included.
  • Message Filter: a semi-colon separated list of HH Data Management messages that should be added to the SQS queue. An example might be AddSetupMessage;UpdateSetupMessage;DeleteSetupMessage if a queue should be notified of any changes to setups.  If this field is left blank then all messages will be added to the SQS queue.

An example of the body of the request is:

  "MessageType": "UpdateSetupMessage",
  "ItemId": "0adf0ecf-389e-4dfe-9af4-96ff90aab4ad",
  "Payload": {
    "CustomPropertyDefinitionId": "71d5a9b2-7e9a-42c2-abe3-f9add1ec2bb4",
    "CustomProperties": [
        "CustomPropertyType": 0,
        "Name": "CamberFL",
        "Value": "5"
    "CollectionItemsAdded": [],
    "CollectionItemsUpdated": [],
    "CollectionItemsDeleted": [],
    "CollectionOrderUpdates": [],
    "EntityProperties": [
        "Name": "LastModifiedBy",
        "Value": "5a808284-6fb7-47a6-95b3-e199600e05dd"
        "Name": "LastModifiedDate",
        "Value": "2021-01-17T15:11:15Z"

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