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Parts, Assemblies & Tyres

Parts and assemblies generally are used to track physical components in HH Data Management. Parts can also be used to create libraries of settings or configuration options - they don't have to be limited to physical parts. For example you might create a part to track the type of setup either as Sim, On Track or Set down for example. Assemblies are used to create groups of parts and other assemblies to represent a physical sub-assembly that gets installed on a car. Both parts and assemblies can be used to populate drop downs in the software, for example in the setup you might want to be able to select from a list of available springs.

Tyres are similar to parts however, the tyres component in the software is treated separately to the generic parts functionality. The main reason for this is that there are a lot of aspects of tyre management that are specific to tyres and are defined in the software by default.

There is also a brake module in the software, however with recent improvements to the part and assembly functionality in HH Data Management this is not recommended to be used in new accounts, and parts and assemblies should be used to manage brakes instead.