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Event Data

The event data is a view that can be used to store and edit all information for an event/car, such as expected fuel consumption or fuel tank capacity. The event data view can be accessed from the event tab of the ribbon bar:

By default, there are four tabs on the event data view:

  1. Settings
  2. Notes
  3. Markers
  4. Attached files

Additional tabs can be added using a plugin


Event settings

The following parameters are needed to make the fuel calculation work in the run sheet and for the run plan calculator:

  • Avg lap time
  • Fuel count direction (Decreasing: the fuel calculation starts at start fuel amount and counts downwards, Increasing: the fuel calculation starts at 0 and counts upwards)
  • Avg fuel consumption
  • Fuel tank capacity

The following are optional:

Tyre pressure calculation

Event-wide parameters for the tyre pressure calculation can be defined here.


The data analysis profile to be used for the current event-car can be selected here.

Run plan

The run plan mode for the event can be set here, and also some pit lane timing information for use in the lap mode of the run plan.


The notes tab is a structured list of notes. Note types can be added, edited or removed using the edit note types button on the ribbon bar.


The lap marker and lap track status marker associations can be defined on this tab.

Attached files

Shows an attached files view that allows files to be added.